andrew draper. i make things worth using.

AndrewI've been an entrepreneur, executive team member, head of product, designer, a developer now and again; and even successfully employed marketing/growth tactics when needed. I’ve started multiple companies and raised millions in vc funding. Companies I’ve been a part of starting include Manpacks, one of the earliest subscription e-commerce companies; Allay, an HR and benefits company for brokers and their customers; and Penny, a sales enablement app for network marketers. I’m also a musician now and again and an avid mountain biker.

Cofounder of Manpacks

Manpacks was a quarterly e-commerce subscription service that offered men’s essentials, such as underwear, shirts, socks, and toiletries. Launched in 2010 it garnered a ton of attention, including articles in Inc and Maxim Magazine, the New York Times, Boston Globe, TechCrunch, with speaking opportunities in Canada, United States, and even Ireland.

Cofounder of Allay

Launched in 2015 as an HR and benefits platform for insurance brokers and their customers Allay ultimately pivoted to being an online underwriting platform for self-insured health plans, saving up to 40% on health insurance for small and mid-size employers before ultimately being acquired in 2020.

Founding team of Penny

Penny increases sales and reduces churn for network marketing companies by providing an AI-driven service to inexperienced sales people, allowing them to quickly see results typically reserved for top-performing individuals.


I started playing drums in grade 10 stage band and have played on multiple albums as well as some minor touring around parts of Canada and the United States. You can hear my playing on Endgame’s Here is Where Tomorrow Starts, Two Finger Point’s Give Me New, and more.

Mountain biker

I’ve enjoyed riding bikes for almost as long as I could walk but particularly enjoy hurtling down mountain side’s, mostly in British Columbia. I currently ride a Trek Remedy 8, Commencal Meta 29 e-bike and a Norco Aurum downhill bike and now and again a Giant hybrid bike.