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Pitch Decks

An assortment of fundraising pitch decks that have raised more than $10 Million from investors.
Included decks are only for past companies (the current company I'm a part of, which has raised a little over $2 Million to-date is not included).

Allay, Seed and Series A Decks • Total Raised: ~$6.5 Million USD

2nd Seed Round, ~$3M

Presentation Deck, Fall 2017

2nd Seed Round, ~$3M

Full Deck, Fall 2017

1st Seed Round, $3.4M

Angelpad Demo Day, Jan 2015

1st Seed Round, $3.4M

Full Deck, Spring 2015

Manpacks, Seed Round Decks • Total Raised: $500,000 USD

Full Deck, Spring/Summer/ 2011

Used to raise ~$350,000

500 Startups Presentation

Aug 2011

Less Successful Decks

Gijit, June 2012

Extreme Startups Presentation Deck


Hail Mary NYC Deck, Winter 2013